HDMI vs DVI – Which is Better?

What are DVI and HDMI? What do these two acronyms mean? To connect a monitor and a PC together, users need connectors and wires that fit them. Some of the most popular are HDMI and DVI.  In this article, we will compare DVI to HDMI to define the best option.

  What is DVI?

Replacing the outdated analog VGA is the digital interface, the most common of which are HDMI and DVI.

DVI is this connector that is one of the most common; it can be seen more often than others on desktop PC cases. DVI transmits only video signal, its maximum resolution is 1920×1200 pixels. But there is one but – when using dual-link DVI, the maximum resolution of the transmitted video will be 2560×1600 pixels. The main drawback of DVI is that it lacks support for HDCP encryption, so you won’t be able to play Blu-Ray movies.

Depending on the type, it can be used in a variety of devices:

  • A is the most “ancient” subspecies. It can only send an analog signal to non-modern monitors;
  • I – is responsible for two types of signal: digital + analog. Thanks to him, HD video is displayed;
  • D – transmits only the digital signal. The most modern subspecies, which are responsible for the transmission of the 1980 image at 1200 pix.

Digital Visual Interface sends video to monitors, TV, projectors. The connector is popular because it:

  • universal – you can even connect old monitors;
  • practical – allows you to connect multiple monitors to your PC (but with a resolution not higher than HD).

What is HDMI?

This is a connector that is already installed by default in all new TVs, various Blu-ray players, Apple TV, video cards for PCs and much more. It is specially designed for high-definition multimedia (available in C24F390F). Connecting this cable is as easy as plugging a USB stick into your PC.

There are several varieties of it:

  • A – the largest, mounted on a PC, TV, some laptops, monitors;
  • C – smaller, found in laptops, tablets, netbooks;
  • D – the smallest port, can be mounted in phones, tablets.

The main advantages of the connector:

  • simultaneously transmits video and sound;
  • has a bandwidth of up to 10.5 Gbps;
  • connects simply, like a USB drive;
  • support HDCP encryption;
  • has a compact size.

Most modern devices are equipped with such connectors (for example, P2418D). For its installation, no additional mounts are required; therefore it is very successful in use with mobile equipment.

What is the difference?

DVI and HDMI are two main digital connectors today. If you decipher the abbreviation, then everything falls into place. In short, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) transmits video signal and audio at the same time, and DVI (Digital Visual Interface) transmits the only video. As for the picture quality, there is no difference, here the screen on which the image is displayed already plays an important role.

HDMI bandwidth is three times higher than DVI. In numbers, this is up to 10.2 Gbps against 3.4 Gbps in DVI. In addition, a standard HDMI cable can easily reach a length of 15 meters, as for DVI, then you can use a cable length of only up to 10 meters.

At the same time, DVI is, as it were, a simplified version of HDMI, differing in a different connector, in the absence of the possibility of sound transmission over the same wire, and at a low price.

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The best PS 5 games in 2021

The PlayStation 5 has become the largest game console in history with a perfect game library. In this article, we will analyze several games for this console that are win-win options. Any of them will definitely not disappoint you.

Sony PlayStation 5 – a game console of the new generation

PlayStation has been a buzzword for over 20 years, but Sony hasn’t always had a significant place in the gaming industry. Until the early 90s, the Japanese company was condescending to the video entertainment market, preferring consumer electronics.

A new release Sony PlayStation 5 is the cost-effective performance of the super-high-speed SSD storage, the non-intrusive effect of the latency of the tactile feedback, adaptive release buttons, and 3D sound, as well as smart games.

Top of PS 5 games 2021

The best games for Play Station 5 currently range from family adventures with funny characters and thrilling comic hero fights to third-person fighting games with great graphics and gangster brawls on the city streets.

The PlayStation family has always had a huge library of games with thousands of options for players to choose from. Sony continues to showcase new and exclusive offerings. Therefore, the PS5 is the only place to experience games like Demon’s Souls or Astro’s Playroom.

The most preferred PS 5 games in 2021 include:

  • Demon’s Souls

This is a large-scale remake of the now cult game from the famous Japanese developers From Software, which debuted in 2010 on the PlayStation 3. The graphics of the game are completely redesigned and adapted for 4K resolution, with next-generation effects and ray tracing. Players also expect two graphics modes that can be switched during the game: increased resolution or frame rate.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

It is a cyberpunk-style computer RPG developed by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED. Events develop in the world of the future, filled with a variety of high technologies. Replacing limbs and internal organs with mechanical components became fashionable among the wealthy. Sooner or later, people turned into unbalanced cyborgs without human feelings, ready at any moment to break loose and start killing everyone around.

  • Chivalry 2

It is a first-person multiplayer slasher game set in the harsh Middle Ages when knights fought face to face in brutal armor. You must participate in such battles, taking on the role of one of these warriors and going to various arenas to fight with swords. Volleys of burning arrows, sieges of castles, and the unforgettable spirit of that harsh time await you.

  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

It is another part of the first-person sniper shooter that conquers new heights and distances, offering to fire at distances of over 1000 meters. You will once again go to fulfill contracts in the role of a hired sniper named Raven. Track and eliminate a wide variety of targets in a variety of ways across large-scale sandbox maps, using authentic gear and weapons to complete missions.

  • Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon

It is an action game in the popular Japanese series in which you take control of a completely new character in the series. They will be a low-ranked yakuza named Ichiban Kasuga, seeking to prove their worth and strength in the new reworked battle mechanics. Much of the story mode takes place in a new area called Ijincho, which is located in the city of Yokohama.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The game takes you on an exciting new adventure that tells the story of Miles Morales. He became Spider-Man. The graphics of the game have become even more detailed, thanks to the capabilities of the next-generation PlayStation 5 console.

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What is a CVV Number

Cash takes up less and less space in the life of modern man. Electronic wallets, virtual and bank cards replaced them.  So, what about security? In this article, we consider confidential data elements of cards.

What is the CVV number?

Online shopping has long been not news, but rather the norm of modern life. According to the latest forecasts, in 2021 global e-retail sales will amount to about 4.8 trillion dollars. Because buyers mostly pay with plastic cards, approximately 3 billion credit cards are widely used worldwide.

When shopping online or over the phone, shoppers are often asked to enter a CVV. But what does this combination of numbers mean and why is it so important? CVV (Card Verification Value) is a three-digit security number printed on a plastic card. Its main purpose is to prevent unauthorized transactions. When the seller requests a CVV or CVC, he thus verifies the cardholder.

The combination of numbers is on the back of the card. The last 4 digits of the bank card number and code are marked next to each other. This code is usually located closer to the signature of the bank’s client.

To avoid confusion, you should understand why several names are used to denote a security code. Some people know it as CVV, while others believe that CVC is the same guarantee of data confidentiality. So what’s the difference? The fact is that payment brands do not agree on one option and prefer to call a three- or four-digit number by different terms, but they all mean the same thing. Here are the values you can see:

  • CVC / CVC2 is the name used by Mastercard
  • CVV / CVV2 is an abbreviation of Visa
  • CID / CID2 – the so-called combination of numbers on the American Express card

How can fraudsters use CVV or CVC code?

The level of various machinations to protect bank cards has reached its peak. In order to further protect the user, banks are introducing even more specific ways to protect cards. In addition to the PIN code, many cards already have a secret CVV code – security code. This is a special type of protection that increases the security of the owner’s funds to the maximum.

Typically, hackers can use the security code in several cases:

  • To make a purchase in an online store;
  • To replenish the account;
  • To transfer funds to an e-wallet;
  • To withdraw cash without a card.

In order to learn the user’s CVV code, sometimes robbers go to various cunning tricks. Here are the most popular schemes for how to access the CVV code and the necessary information:

  • The scheme of such operations is that attackers create sites such as financial institutions, and then ask the user to follow the link and confirm their data. A questionnaire can be opened on such a site and thus the visitor himself provides all the necessary information;
  • Sale of things. It can often happen that the buyer says that the terminal requires you to enter the security code from the card to credit the required amount. This is not true, because such information will never be needed when checking the information in banks;
  • A letter with a request to confirm the information about the client can be sent by mail or by SMS. Such letters are usually warning, and sometimes threatening, that if the information is not provided, the card will be blocked. Thus, the client without hesitation writes all the necessary information if only not to block the card.
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